I've always wanted a blog, but I'm really disorganised so I never really got into it. I made this account to write blogs, but I tend to just use it to track people/news on LJ.

I do however, have a tumblr that I find very easy to update, and my dA I occaisionally post updates. So I'm making this post to pretty much just promote these xP

So if you wanna check em out that'ss cool, if not, thats cool too :)

We're All Mad Here
o, I finally entered my first sims contest on GoS...

I'm so proud that I actually finished something, so I decided to post the picture here too ^^

It has a Mad Tea Party theme to it, all mis-matchy chairs and teasets and what-not, at first it looked a little iffy, but then I kinda really liked it.

I give you:
The Mad Tea House


I love little details.. I put a few in there, I'd really love it if people can pick them up ;P

Also, the 3 sections all reference my favourite scenes from the book..
-The Flower Garden
-The Caterpillar
and last, the best of them all
-The Mad Tea Party

Photobucket is Evil
That is all.

'Bout time I wrote something...
I've had this journal for what, 6-7 months now.. And I still haven't posted an entry.

That's because I'm still figuring out what exactly I want to use it for... I did have something when I made it, but I forgot like two days later >.<

One of my ideas was to write up a sims story, but my Sims 2 game wouldn't play, even a complete re-install didn't work.. Now I has Sims 3, but there's not enough content out yet for me to work with, lol. I will get there one day.

So, for now, methinks I'll just post random dribble, when I remember... usually to lazy to even think about dribble xP, and random sims picspam, ya know cuz I'm cool like that(not).

Anyway, catyas!!


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